Eficion Products About Lease Review

Here is how it works:

  • Pay a down payment of $400 (free shipping to you).
  • Sign up to a monthly charge of $50 for 5 years (60 months).
  • Take a picture of your current and valid state-issued ID, and email the picture to pj@eficion.com.


  • The lease can be terminated at any time by returning the speakers.
  • We serve customers in the continental US only.

After checking the agreement box below, Paypal payment buttons will appear.

Select a veneer option for the speakers:

Down payment and monthly payment are processed separately.

First, use the "Buy Now" button below to pay the $400 down payment:

Note: after coming back to the "Lease" page, check the above agreement box again.

Then use the "Subscribe" button below to sign up to a bi-monthly payment plan (because Paypal allows only 30 installments maximum, so $50/month for 60 months is combined into $100/two-month. The installment plan can be terminated at any time by returning the speakers):

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