Eficion Products About Review

When Eficion LLC was formed in early 2007 in a suburb of Seattle, we made it our mission to develop the very best and innovative audio products at reasonable prices.


A loudspeaker is only as good as its drivers get. We always use very fast and linear tweeters, so that the loudspeakers not only produce sound with minimum distortion but also convey emotions -- the loudspeaker that sings. The F200 uses an innovative honeycomb micro-structured aluminum ribbon tweeter, which produces an extremely precise and sweet treble extending up to 40KHz (traditional dome tweeter typically goes up to 25KHz). The F300 uses a world renowned air motion transformer tweeters as well as a honeycomb micro-structured aluminum ribbon super-tweeter. The woofers are also the very best as well, employing an innovative copper shorting ring and a damping coil to reduce bass distortion and tighten the bass response. The molded diaphragm material, carbon fiber, is made by DuPont for aerospace industry.

When drivers have achieved a certain level, cabinets become just as important as the drivers. Sophisticated structures and high quality materials are always used in constructing the cabinet. The F200 special edition (SE) employs laminated bamboo in place of the MDF, which produces even cleaner and tighter sound due to the much greater rigidity of the bamboo material. The F300 employes our specially developed cabinet structures (patents pending) to completely eliminate the box sound without massively increasing the cabinet weight.

In fact, every thing counts toward making an extraordinary loudspeaker. Therefore, we use only the very best components for the F200, F250 and F300, such as Mundorf M-cap Supreme capacitors for crossovers, Teflon insulated OCC cable for interconnections.

We hope you hear them. Then you will realize what lifelike sound really means.

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